Detergent industry

Egyptian British Co. has characterized by producing main polymer auxiliaries for detergent industries such as:

EBCALAN 2000 (Acrylic-Malice copolymer).

EBCALAN 2500 (Acrylic acid homopolymer).

This is considered to be a worldwide growing alternative for STPP which play a main role in dispersing salts and as anti-scale, preventing its redeposit ion on internal parts of fabric washer and on the fabric itself as, Egyptian British Co. has been distinguished by being the sole company in Egypt which produces these materials form the Acrylic Acid monomer, and we are able to go into fair competition with international companies and worldwide brands, consequently we supply these products to the most reputable international companies engaged in the manufacture of detergent
Also, Egyptian British Co. produces a various grope of powder Antifoam products, which are used in manufacturing of automatic washing powder


Ebca powder antifoam u

Ebca powder antifoam z


EBCA Lan 2000


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