After our wide success and as a result of many efforts in our laboratories, we were able to create our own brand based on the domestic and global market needs as one of the main innovative enterprises and the leader of the Egyptian chemical solutions. 

Product name Range Description
Solvidur® WD0106-MS Wax Dispersion

It is recommended for use in solvent based base coats and one coat metallic top Coats. It is essential due to its rule in improving the orientation of effect pigments(alu, mica, etc.), reduces the short wave defect (mottling, bernard cells), enhances the flip-flop effect, reduces the sedimentation tendency in the cans and improves the D.O.I. of clear coats

  • Water based emulsions
  • Finishing
  • Detergents Antifoam
  • Pretreatment
  • Dyeing
  • Water based additives
  • Dispersing agent
  • Opacifying agent
  • Detergent speckles
  • Sequestering agent
  • Foaming agent
  • Thickening Agent
  • Solvent based additives
  • Solvent based resins